A hedgehog is out during the day - almost always a sign of a problem.

A hedgehog out at any time, day or night, who is -

  • laying in the open (awake or asleep),
  • looking wobbly,
  • not walking correctly or dragging a leg,
  • showing any sign of injury,
  • caught in netting,
  • lacking spines,
  • running in circles,
  • covered in ticks (one or two is ok, the hog will groom them off),
  • has clusters of fly eggs (minute clusters of white grains),
  • squealing with pain,
  • a baby out alone,
  • a baby/juvenile in the autumn/winter,
  • a disturbed nest (do not interfere with, move, touch babies until you have sought advice/help).

Before contacting us, please make sure the animal is safe and not going to go missing while you are talking to us. Gently put it in a high sided box, with something for it to snuggle under (such as an old towel, or fleece), and then put in a quiet, safe place indoors. If you do not get hold of us immediately, please give the animal a bowl of water and some cat or dog food if you have any. If cold, a tepid hot water bottle, wrapped in a cloth and placed close to the animal will be beneficial.

As we are currently full and unable to take any more hedgehogs please contact Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital - 07951 285366 or your local vetinary practice.